Beautiful Bread for Burns

Oatcakes, shortbread & Bannock loaf – you don’t get much more Scottish than this and as it’s soon to be our National Bards Birthday, I discovered some wonderful delights that will enhance your traditional Burns Supper and allow you to extend your Scottish food munchies on either side of the 25th January for a few days.

package 2

The Breadwinner Bakery are baking an exclusive range of Burns goodies that will only be available to purchase from January 20 to January 29 and believe me you won’t be disappointed at these wonderful treats.

Look at these pics. Drool. And now head out to your local Co-op Scotmid (there are 40 stores in Edinburgh) and purchase some; or head to Edinburgh Castle, the National Museum, and many other local restaurants and cafes to try some out.

oat nd linseed loaf

This Scottish Oat and Linseed loaf is delightful. Dark in colour, it’s light, soft in the middle with a little bite on the crust. We enjoyed this with butter, cheese and chutney but will absolutely be the perfect accompaniment to a big bowl of steaming Cock-a-Leekie soup.


The Haggis and Sweet Potato Stomboli is imaginative and a flavour combination that works well. The haggis flavour is certainly distinctive with its pepperiness shining through but then the sweet potato adds the sweet element. This would be ideal for canapes or a wee nibble to accompany your dram of choice pre supper.


The Scottish Farl Scone, possibly the largest scone I have ever seen and I loved the way you cut this like a cake into slices. The texture is similar to a bran scone with a touch of soda bread about it. Very oaty, quite crumbly. I’d have this with a large mug of tea slathered with cold butter and possibly have it the day after your Burns Supper and that whisky induced hangover.



The oatcakes were scrummy. I’d say a cross between a oat biscuit and an oatcake as we know it. Thicker than your traditional oatcake but just as perfect with cheese, a nice Blue Murder or an Orkney Cheddar would be the ideal partner.


On to my favourite loaf, the Edinburgh Bannock. A high rise, glazed sweeter loaf filled with currents or raisins. They seemingly have a very similar loaf in Belgium. This would make a fabulous bread and butter pudding but it was plain thick cut slices for me!


The shortbread and brownie are a lovely wee treat, a trio of Butterscotch Shortbread, Arran Malt Whisky Shortbread and Arran Malt Whisky Brownie. The brownie was slightly chewy in the centre with a crumbly exterior and the shortbread was super short. The whisky added a nice Burns Supper touch. The perfect goodies to finish off your Burns Supper.


Breadwinner Bakery’s artisan baked goodies are handcrafted without the use of chemicals, additives, or preservatives, using traditional methods. They use the freshest local ingredients (some of their flour comes from a farm near Haddington) where a team of master bakers knead and shape dough by hand. They make a range of breads, cakes and pastries and if their breads are anything to go by, then their cakes and pastries will be outstanding.

Look out for my profile blog post coming soon where I will be taking an indepth look at artisan makers and producers of great Scottish fare, starting with Breadwinner Bakery.

Ingredients for a great Burns Supper:

  • Cock-a-leekie Soup – chicken, leeks and vegetables. Try to buy organic chicken as it imparts the most flavour and get your vegetables from your local veggie shop or farmers market.
  • Haggis, Neeps and Tatties – MacSweens Haggis (they do vegetarian and Gluten Free versions too), turnips and potatoes available at your local farmers market.
  • Cranachan – whisky, raspberries, cream and oats. Scottish raspberries are not in season, so you have two choices: buy the best raspberries you can or do what I do, use the raspberries you’ve frozen/preserved from the abundance over the summer months.

Happy Birthday Rabbie!

Breadwinner Bakery, South Gyle Crescent, Edinburgh.                                                                     Tel : 0131 2297247




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