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The initial concept of Edible Floating Dessert Balloons was born at Alinea, one of Chicago’s most important, internationally acclaimed restaurants. The balloon was originally created by Alinea’s executive chef Mike Bagale who called the unusual dish a step forward in cuisine and something that hadn’t been done before.

Along came the Canadian company, Edible Balloon Company who took the concept and applied it to the corporate and party scene. Canadian Charlie Course and his partner Grace Cowley have brought this same concept to Edinburgh and bring us Bisous Balloons.

Bisous (pronounced Bee-zoo) is the French word for “kisses” and this is what you essentially do to the edible balloon. I’ll explain more.

Bisous Balloons are 100% edible balloons made entirely from sugar and presented on a candy cane or a chocolate stick making the entire thing edible. The balloon itself is opaque and can be flavoured (we tried a mojito flavour).

Charlie and Grace create your balloon by inserting the pipe connected to the helium canister into melted sugar.

They then blow the balloon up using the helium. The balloon is then transferred onto your preferred piece of candy.

The best way to ‘eat’ your balloon is to give it a kiss, suck in the helium, and then speak in the squeaky helium voice and laugh at the same time whilst watching your balloon deflate and then shoving the whole thing in your mouth. Laughter guaranteed!

The balloons once deflated look like cellophane but don’t let this put you off. The texture is sticky, very light and quite soft. This is where you’ll pick up the flavouring (strawberry and raspberry are amongst the favourites). As these novelty balloons are entirely edible there is no waste and they are also vegan just make sure you request vegan candy sticks with it.

Bisous Balloons are a quirky fun activity to add to any event from wedding receptions, to birthday parties to corporate product launches to an event at a nightclub. They are portable and can set up just about anywhere. Roughly, depending on the environment, the balloons will remain inflated for around 10 minutes.

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