PRODUCT : Ape Snacks, they contain no monkey business

I first seen these snacks in Sainsburys a few weeks ago and chose the Coconut Bites. They are round little discs of crunchy coconut. These snacks are gluten free, some are vegan with no added sugar;  just coconut and natural ingredients.

I think coconut is a bit like marmite, you either love it or hate it and I love it. I will order anything with coconut in it so these are a perfect wee snack for me.

Thanks to the Ape Team, they sent me a box of all their goodies to try out and I have to say that the Coconut Bites remain my favourite but there are a few close seconds such as Coconut Sesame Seed Bites and the Coconut Salted Chocolate Curls.

The sesame seed coconut coins are just that – coconut, sesame seeds and a little salt. Only 149 calories for the small bag.

The curls are really thin slivers of coconut. They are crispy and crunchy and you’ll find three flavours namely Salted Chocolate, Pepper and Spice and Lightly Salted. The Salted Chocolate Curls are dusted with cocoa and come in at 96 calories.

The Pepper and Spice Curls are made using two types of pepper, salt and some spices. Nothing nasty and contains 106 calories in a wee snack bag.

The Lightly Salted curls are made using only coconut and rock salt and their wee bag is only 108 calories.

The Chia Seed ones are baked with chia seeds and 148 calories for a small packet.

These Chocolate Coconut Bites are ideal for chocoholics on a diet. They pack a chocolate punch but without the sugar rush and they only have 164 calories for a wee bag.

These are good snacks as coconut is easy to digest and absorb; and releases sugar slowly into your bloodstream. They are considered a source of healthy fats, proteins and vitamins. Now you have no excuse to get your coconut on!

The wee snack packets are available in Sainsburys for £1 or order online from Ape Snacks



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