Sensational Sushi – Review of Harajuku Kitchen

I’m a massive fan of Sushi but I have to admit that I am still a beginner when it comes to exploring the large variety of food available in Japanese cuisine.

There are a few Sushi restaurants in Edinburgh that give off the Japanese tourist persona – very bright and ostentatious, with the colours of orange and red brightly shining right in your face and a carousel wheel of sushi dishes.

menuSo I was delighted when I visited Harajuku Kitchen. It was a breath of fresh air. Its so unobtrusive that I drove past it twice but once inside its lovely. Painted in a soft grey with pink lettering, the interior has some large Japanese inspired murals.

edamame close upWith a warm smile we were seated and handed the menus and our drinks order taken. We both opted for the Kitsch Cucumber and Fennel Seed Sodas and started our meal off with a delicious bowl of Edamame Beans. Soft succulent pods with a sprinkling of salt! Now it was time to get serious about the menu and decide what to have.

sushi 1We shared all the dishes so to start we had the Futomati Rolls, the ‘fat boy’ of maki which contains 4 or more ingredients. We had the Rainbow Roll which included salmon, tuna, cucumber and avocado. Accompanying this was Temaki Sushi, which is a cone-shaped handroll of Sweet Potato Tempura.

This plate of food was so pretty to look at – a rainbow for the eyes and delightful tasty treat for the tastebuds. The tempura batter was light, fluffy and crispy covering the sweet potato; and the ‘fat boys’ were a very large mouthful of soft sticky rice, salty nori, with the beautiful soft taste of the sea from the very fresh tuna and salmon. The cucumber was soothing and cool against the heat from the pickled ginger and wasabi.

tunaNext up and because I love tuna, we ordered the Tuna Sashimi. 5 succulent, rather large slices of dark pink tuna, dipped in the strong dark salty soy sauce! I can say nothing other than YUM!

i love sushi croppedAnd lastly we had the Hosomaki Sushi; the traditional roll (nori outside with rice inside) and you guessed it; tuna again.

takeawayHarajuku Kitchen also do take-away so I got some sushi to go and opted for the Chef’s Sushi Set Special which was 2 x mixed nigiri (rice with a slice of fish ontop), 6 x tuna hosomaki and 4 x salmon futomaki. All packaged up neatly in a box with pickled ginger, a dollop of wasabi and a 2 wee squeezy bottles of soy sauce. A delicious treat to take home.

There are some other delights on this menu and I got rather envious when I looked from table to table to see what other diners were tucking into – but I genuinely couldnt have eaten anymore so will plan another visit soon. Dishes like the Aubergine Curry (pan fried tempura aubergine with rice and Japanese style curry sauce) looked amazing; the Agedashi Tofu (pan fried and served with ginger and spring onion) looked appetising too but I think the Pork Gyoza Dumplings will be ordered on my next visit.

mural 2When looking to eat genuine traditional Japanese food in Edinburgh, look no further than Harajuku Kitchen.

My Spoon Award : Silver






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